Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sprague Talented and Gifted Program

Each teacher at Sprague completes a TAG plan for each course.  However, the most important thing we emphasize with teachers is to have regular contact with their students about enrichment or level of challenge in their class.

Students are designated as TAG in three areas--math, reading, or intellectual.  They are identified with a score of 97% on a state or official exam and other collaborative evidence.  However, exceptions are made for students who have other factors: homelessness, other languages in the home, etc.

One of the complaints we hear in our High School tag programs is the lack of enrichment activities for students.    Parents would like to see a tangible event or workshop (as is done in the lower grades) for their student.  At this time, I would refer you to the TAG office downtown if you have questions about this matter. 

At Sprague High School, we hope that all students challenge themselves by placement in the appropriate class.  We encourage teachers and students to talk frequently about placement and if they are "challenged" enough.